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A Different Life: Our Journey from Land to Sea

05 Feb 2024
A Different Life: Our Journey from Land to Sea - Subtle Blue M

In the midst of life's routine—juggling work, family, and the all-too-familiar cycle of streaming new shows, snagging online deals, and planning the occasional vacation—my family and I found ourselves yearning for something more. Something beyond the ordinary, beyond the comfortable and accessible boredom that had become our life. We sought to be intentional, to forge a path filled with unique and meaningful experiences for ourselves and our children. This is the story of our transition from a traditional life on land to an adventurous existence on the sea.

The Toll of Tradition: Working as a Nurse and Seeking Escape

My career as a nurse, while rewarding, began to take its toll in ways I hadn't anticipated. The bureaucracy of healthcare, the pervasive burnout, and the emotional rollercoaster of feeling both indispensable and invisible weighed heavily on me. Mental health struggles are all too common in nursing, a profession where the highs of saving lives are often overshadowed by the systemic failures of healthcare. My creative outlet, designing products inspired by these experiences, served as a small reprieve from the chaos, highlighting both the dark humor and the resilience found in the nursing community.

A Midlife Awakening: Deciding to Live on a Boat

The idea of living on a boat started as what many would call a midlife crisis. Yet, for us, it was more of a midlife awakening. My wife, kids, and I entertained the fantasy with a mixture of excitement and seriousness, recognizing it as a chance to redefine our lives. Through channels like Sailing Zatara, Parlay Revival, and Sailing La Vagabonde, we glimpsed the raw realities and the enchanting possibilities of life at sea. Bluewater Cruising, an educational program for aspiring sailors, became our guide, offering invaluable lessons on the intricacies of a nautical lifestyle.

Finding Inspiration in the Sea

Our store began to reflect our growing passion for sailing. From vibrant catamaran shirts to sunset sailing totes and sailing children’s books, we poured our newfound love for the sea into creative expressions. Sailing embodies a unique blend of excitement and tranquility, a duality that captivated our imaginations and inspired our designs. It's a world where the beauty of the ocean meets the thrill of exploration, and we wanted to share that essence with others.

Preparing for a Life Afloat

Transitioning to life on a boat is no small feat. It demands a significant downsizing of belongings, a deep dive into nautical knowledge, and the daunting task of finding the right vessel. Our goal is to purchase a catamaran between the fall of 2025 and spring of 2026, preferably in the Caribbean where prices are more favorable compared to Florida. Completing our ASA 101 training was just the beginning; we learned that the real education begins with hands-on experience on your own boat, guided by a seasoned captain. Bluewater Cruising continues to be an invaluable resource, teaching us that sailing is just a fraction of life at sea—the rest involves planning, provisioning, maintenance, and embracing the myriad of activities that come with living on the water.

Sharing Our Adventure: Sailing YouTube

To document our journey and connect with a community of like-minded adventurers, we decided to launch a YouTube channel. Starting with coverage of boat shows in Annapolis and Miami, we aim to share every step of our transition from landlubbers to seasoned sailors. Our channel is an invitation to follow along as we navigate the challenges and joys of this life-altering decision, offering a real-time glimpse into the process of making our dream a reality.

Embarking on this journey from the conventional to the extraordinary is a testament to the human spirit's desire for exploration and meaning. It's a choice to live deliberately, to prioritize experiences over possessions, and to teach our children that life can be whatever you dare to make it. As we prepare to cast off the lines that tie us to the shore, we do so with a sense of anticipation for the unknown adventures that lie ahead.

Our story is not just about escaping the grind but about embracing a different kind of life—one where the horizon is not a limit but a beginning. It's about finding freedom on the open sea, where the only boundaries are the ones we set for ourselves. Through our YouTube channel, we hope to inspire others to consider what a different life could look like for them, whether it's setting sail into the sunset or pursuing any dream that calls to them.

As we continue to prepare for our departure, we're reminded that life on a boat is as much about the journey as the destination. It's about learning to live with less and appreciate more—the beauty of a sunset, the tranquility of the ocean at dawn, and the invaluable time spent with family, disconnected from the distractions of the modern world and connected to what truly matters.

This transition to a life at sea represents a leap of faith—a belief in the possibility of a life less ordinary, driven by the pursuit of freedom, adventure, and the deep, abiding call of the ocean. It's a reminder that life is a grand adventure, and the greatest risk is not in daring to dream, but in hesitating to pursue those dreams.

As we gear up to embark on this new chapter, we invite you to join us on this journey. Through our trials and triumphs, we hope to shed light on what it truly means to live a different life—one that is intentionally chosen, deeply felt, and fully lived. Follow us as we navigate the challenges, celebrate the victories, and share the unparalleled beauty of life at sea. Together, let's discover what lies beyond the familiar shores, in the vast, uncharted waters of a life less ordinary.

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